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GEM VET™ Bone Graft is a Growth-factor Enhanced Matrix developed utilizing innovative tissue engineering principles which combine a bioactive protein (an FDA Approved highly purified recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor, rhPDGF-BB) with an allogeneic device matrix (Species Specific Allograft from Veterinary Transplant Services/VTS).

This grafting system is engineered to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration when implanted in the body by triggering a cascade of molecular events that continues even after the implanted rhPDGF-BB is gone.


Partnership for healing

As feline, canine and equine pet owners (and occasionally other species as well!); at Lynch Biologics we're pleased to make our recombinant protein technologies and devices available to the veterinary orthopedic, dental and wound surgical markets. We've partnered with Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc (VTS) to provide the specific tissue matrices and help introduce our combined technologies to Veterinarians around the world.


Veterinary Transplant Services, Inc. is the world’s leading provider of bone, soft tissue and cornea allografts for transplantation into animals. With a particular focus on contributing to the advancement of medicine and improving the quality of pets’ lives, the Company strives to respond to the needs within the veterinary community.

With a core competency in human cell and tissue banking and adhering to the highest ethical standards, VTS has focused their efforts on creating an animal tissue bank to fulfill unmet needs of animal patients, veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and research and teaching universities worldwide.

Since its formation in 1996, VTS has become well-known around the world for supplying aseptically processed allograft tissues and providing tens of thousands of grafts for veterinary patients. Our musculoskeletal grafts are commonly used in fracture repairs, spinal fusions, void filling caused by trauma or degenerative processes, and limb spare procedures to replace cancerous tissue. Use of allograft tissues processed by VTS can reduce patient morbidity, operative time, and costs.

With both companies core values focused on good science, and helping doctors and their patients’ heal – we are proud to partner with VTS! Learn more about VTS


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